Dr. Sawyer is a dynamic and experienced speaker. His presentations are designed for executives and organizations that are interested in jump-starting their innovative potential.

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Dr. Sawyer's talks answer these key questions:

  • How can each employee be more creative?
  • How can the entire organization better collaborate to translate individual creativity into organizational innovation?

Almost every contemporary approach to improving organizational creativity is based on a false paradigm that Dr. Sawyer calls linear creativity. Task a special group with the job of coming up with new ideas; executives select the best of those ideas; and the rest of the company's job is to execute. But that's not the way innovation happens in today's complex economy. Instead, innovation emerges from creative collaborations throughout the organization. Organizations need to create what Dr. Sawyer calls collaborative webs to enable true innovation to emerge.

In his talks, Dr. Sawyer shares what he and his colleagues have discovered about creativity and innovation. These new discoveries will give you the information you need to make your organization more competitive in today's innovation economy.

Dr. Sawyer's speaking engagements are handled by BrightSight Speakers.