How to Use
the Creativity Cards

The hard plastic case is designed for frequent use; it won’t get damaged in a briefcase, purse, or laptop bag. Shuffle the 52 technique cards, carry them with you, and use them to:

Enhance your creativity. Each technique can be done in just a few minutes. When you’re waiting in line, or sitting down with a spare minute, cut the deck and pull out a card at random. Read the card, do the activity, think about what the card means to your creative process. Use your spare time to enhance your creativity!

Solve specific problems and challenges. Take the cards to meetings; keep them on your desk; use them with your family and friends—whenever you need a creative solution.

Start by mapping your creativity profile: Go through the 52 cards one by one, and group them into three piles:

  • The first pile for things you’ve done in the last month,
  • The second pile for things you’ve done in the last year,
  • The third pile for things you can’t remember ever doing.

Look for patterns in how the 8 steps fall into the three piles. For most people, there will be one or two steps you need to engage in more often, and one or two other ones that you’re pretty strong at.

You can use your creativity profile for strength training: take the six cards for the step that you engage in the least. Choose one of the six to focus on for one week, starting on Monday; keep it on your refrigerator with a magnet, or in your office next to your computer screen. The next Monday, switch to the next of the six, and keep going until you’ve tried all six techniques for that step.