Designing classrooms based on the latest science of learning.

What is the best way for people to learn? Dr. Sawyer's studies of collaborative learning help us answer this question, because education research has increasingly shown that people learn more effectively in collaborating groups. Dr. Sawyer has conducted several research studies of classroom teams — analyzing videotapes of classroom interaction to better understand how learning emerges through conversation. Dr. Sawyer is the editor of The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences; the 2006 first edition was the first overview of the new science of learning. The second edition was published by Cambridge University Press in 2014, and contains his conclusion chapter “The future of learning”.

Education research is also revealing the importance of creativity in learning. Many business leaders have observed that today we are living in an innovation economy. In this new competitive environment, it is more important than ever that graduates be prepared to participate in creative organizations. Dr. Sawyer has published several scholarly articles on this topic, including a 2004 article in the flagship journal of education research, "Creative Teaching".