Dr. Sawyer has studied three related topics: creativity, collaboration, and learning. He focuses on understanding the subtle and often hidden role of collaboration, conversation, interaction, and improvisation.

Creativity: Enhancing personal creativity and fostering organizational innovation.

Dr. Sawyer is best known for his studies of group creativity. He has published widely on creative performance in musical and theater ensembles. Read more about his research on creativity.

Collaboration: How collaboration works and how to make it work better.

To better understand group collaboration, Dr. Sawyer has studied super-creative groups like jazz bands and improv theater groups. He has extended this research to studies of everyday collaborations—like business teams and student groups in classrooms. Read more about his research on collaboration.

Learning: Designing classrooms based on the latest science of learning.

What is the best way for people to learn? Dr. Sawyer’s studies of collaborative creativity helps us answer this question. Read more about his research on learning.