Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration

Creativity has long been thought of as an individual gift, best pursued alone. But what if the most common beliefs about its inner workings are wrong? In this revised and expanded edition, psychologist Keith Sawyer tears down some of the most widespread myths and reveals that creativity is always collaborative—even when you’re alone. He draws on compelling stories of inventions, and shares the results of his own acclaimed research on jazz and improv ensembles, to demonstrate the freewheeling ways of true innovation and show us how to be more creative in group settings. With a new chapter on web-based developments that have made collaboration central to everyone’s lives, this revised and updated edition is a must read for anyone seeking to thrive by tapping into collaborative creativity.

About Keith Sawyer

Dr. R. Keith Sawyer is the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is one of the country's leading scientific experts on creativity. His research has been featured on CNN, Fox News, TIME Magazine, and other media.

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Praise for Group Genius