Recommendations of Creativity Books

Many books about creativity are well written and entertaining. But almost all of them repeat creativity myths that researchers have long known are false.

For example, Samuel Coleridge did not write the poem “Kubla Khan” in an opium-induced haze; the plant breeder Gregor Mendel was not an ahead-of-his-time genius who founded modern genetics but whose work was rejected by his colleagues. The problem is that most authors who write books about how to be more creative don’t know the research.

Dr. Sawyer’s 2017 book Group Genius is a good place to start if you’re serious about learning the science of creativity. Here are Dr. Sawyer’s recommendations for other books about creativity and innovation that are based on scientific research.

Books about Individual Creativity

Books about collaboration and creativity

Case studies of collaboration and invention

Scholarly books on creativity

The theme of Group Genius, that innovation happens when many separate individual ideas come together through collaboration, is also supported by several scholarly books that I highly recommend: