How to Build a Genius Group

Here are some simple tips from Group Genius to make your collaborations more effective:

  • Diversity works. Increase the variety of people, and you increase the pool of potential ideas.
  • Don’t worry about who gets credit. When everyone genuinely collaborates, everyone ends up being more creative.
  • Build on past ideas, whether or not they’re yours. Stay on top of what everyone else is doing, and be open to inspiration from other people’s ideas.
  • Clarity is not a virtue. If everything you say is detailed and explicit, you won’t give your collaborators room to run. Put ideas out there that are half-baked, ideas where you’re not even sure what it means yet.
  • Create a large network of colleagues, and stay in touch constantly.
  • Put yourself at the center of a creativity web.
  • Put yourself in an environment that rewards failure. Creativity is risky; successful creative people are also the ones who fail the most often.
  • Creativity is inefficient. Don’t expect every idea and every project to pan out. Know when to cut your losses and move on.